The Nutrition of Alcohol and How to Drink the Efficient Way


Which alcohol should you drink if you're on a diet or lead an active lifestyle or just want to look good?

Is light beer always the right choice? How much worse for you is Budweiser versus Bud Light? Why is Miller Light better than Bud Light, but Bud Ice better than everything except Bud Select 55?

The Efficient Drinker was designed for those of us who drink to figure out how to do so while keeping off the weight. This site is a one-stop resource to learning about beer, wine, mixed drinks, calories, alcohol by volume and what is important in our quest for health and to be well-favoured, as some may say. Drinking efficiently is not just about the latest 55 calorie uber-light beer. Are you actually better off or are you just visiting the bathroom more often?

This site is the brainchild of a twenty-something armchair economist who couldn't find the answers he was looking for online. It does not promote underage drinking and encourages responsible drinking.

Get Started by learning about beer: its calories and its efficiency.




Beer greatly varies in its efficiency. The results of the best beers were quite surprising.

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After analyzing beer for efficiency and taking other factors into consideration, here are The Efficient Drinker's Awards.

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While wine is generally an efficient form of alcohol, not all wines are the same.

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Similar to wine, liquor is usually efficient. However, mixers play a dominant role.

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