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Don’t Tell Rex Ryan About Deep Fried Beer

Thursday, September 9th, 2010

There’s a new phenomenon on the “if it’s ingestible, you-can-fry-it” scene: this year’s entrant into the Texas State Fair cooking competition — deep fried beer. Against the low-hanging fruit of deep fried latte, coke, and butter, all separate, previous entrants, it actually makes sense.

beer fried ravioliThe reason I mention Rex Ryan is that he clearly loves beer and junk food and has probably 7 of the top 10 risk factors of a heart attack. I happen to be a Jets fan and his performance as the star of HBO’s Hard Knocks has probably made a lot of the country a supporter. He is a supreme leader and motivator, able to balance the delicate mix of authority, self-deprecation and respect for underlings. It’s a management case study on TV, except HBO ignores his brilliance as an elite defensive strategist, which underlies his credibility. So yeah, I don’t want Rex to discover more junk food because the Lap-band surgery hasn’t exactly worked.

rex ryan likes beer

so much for the surgery

And what is deep fried beer? By its creator, it’s been described as beer (Guinness) enclosed in a ravioli shape with pretzel dough. The trick is that it can’t sit too long or else the alcohol in the beer will vaporize (evaporate) and the remainder will be non-alcoholic, like how the vodka in penne alla vodka doesn’t have any alcohol content. So, the pretzel shell provides some protection from the high grease temperatures. I’ll guess that some still vaporizes and there’s a small amount of remaining alcohol. I doubt the competitive eating circuit would allow anything with booze in it, but it’d be an interesting experiment. Maybe the bigger guys could compete with Sonya Thomas in the hypothetical fried beer eating competition. Lofty goals, but we can only hope…

Our jeans not withstanding:  In Rex We Trust

Entourage Season 7: Product Placement Gone Awry

Tuesday, July 27th, 2010

Though relying heavily on guest stars, Entourage Season 7 has been a bit of a rebirth and provided some compelling plot twists: Ari as a potential NFL owner, Drama maybe getting a sitcom and E’s impending marriage/work conflict. The plotlines avoid Vince — a good thing because Adrian Grenier isn’t the greatest. The writers get that viewers are sick of the redundant story: Vince is going to do the movie, Vince is not going to do the movie.

girl drinking Budweiser in Entourage

drinking Bud rather than vintage wine is an odd choice

As for product placement, Budweiser is everywhere and it’s absurd. Couldn’t the writers have been a little crafty and written in something about Vince getting a lifetime supply of Bud? That’s the only “plausible” explanation as to why that’s the only beer he has at his house with so many other choices. Who stocks Bud bottles as a go to beer? I’d guess the answer is: hardly anyone. Then to believe that Vince, E, Drama and Turtle drink it without hesitation is kinda far fetched. And to think that model/aspiring actresses do the same is beyond far fetched.

John Stamos and Vincent Chase with Budweiser

Hey look - it's Uncle Jessie!

Another funny part was seeing John Stamos aka. Uncle Jessie getting into the act too. Given his ball-buster personality, it seems odd that he didn’t have a comment when presented with a Bud. Nor was he offered an alternative. If I asked a friend if he or she wanted a beer and I came back with Bud, I’m pretty sure I’d get a funny look, if not a prompt for an explanation .

Tequila Avion in Entourage

the placements continue...

I’m ashamed to say that I was fooled into thinking that Tequila Avion was some fictional product, but a little research cleared things up. Tequila Avion is a premium tequila start-up, presumably positioned to compete with Patron. We can only hope that Turtle’s possible involvement in its marketing isn’t a recurring plotline, rendering Entourage an infomercial. That being said, Tequila Avion just got a multimillion dollar round of financing, so who knows. For those of you wondering, Tequila Avion is available in LA and NYC-area at this point. If Avion never returns to Entourage, its appearance was a nice little product placement campaign because most viewers won’t be sure whether it’s real and if they see it at a bar, maybe will try it. And a memo to InBev or whoever makes Bud now: product placement is a good idea, but choose your partners carefully. Entourage’s appalling lack of subtlety makes what you’re doing obvious and destroys the value.

Will Tequila Avion be a part of Entourage past Episode 4?

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models drinking Budweiser in Entourage

more model-types drinking Budweiser