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Live Poker Drinking Strategies

Thursday, June 16th, 2011

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Don't look like a rock and scare off the casual players

Don’t let the seemingly odd title fool you; proper strategy at the poker table can also extend to drinking as well. There’s absolutely no advantage to playing when you’re drunk but giving off the impression of an average gambler looking to have some fun and play some cards can definitely be to your advantage, and drinking at the poker table can help you pull that off. Savvy texas holdem poker players call it “having a good image”, and while it won’t win you a hand in and of itself it can add extra profits in your pocket.

It’s easy for winning poker players to treat playing live poker like a grind, going to the casino and taking their seats and getting right down to business. Having a drink in hand would help since it will help you loosen up a little. Unlike a tourist or a casual player who thought they’d give poker a whirl, there’s little thrill for many poker regulars, causing them to treat their time at the table like any other job. There’s nothing necessarily wrong with that, but even the most inexperienced players can quickly pick up on that vibe, giving you credit for likely being a serious player and inclined to fold a lot of their worse hands that you’d really like them to call with.

Having a drink in front you is a good first step to coming across as a more casual player, as well as smiling and taking the time to talk and chat with your tablemates. With many casinos providing drinks for free, you don’t even have to pay for your improved table image, although you’ll need to keep in mind that your primary goal is to pay good poker. Sticking to beer with 5% alcohol content or lower would be a good start as it allows you to drink more without being drunk.

Needless to say, if you’re playing online poker instead all of the above pretty much goes completely out the window. With no table image to worry about, there’s no advantage to be gained by drinking when playing online poker, unless you’re just having a few drinks to kick back and relax as you enjoy the convenient, instant action at online poker sites.