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6 Possible Plot Twists for The Hangover 2

Tuesday, May 24th, 2011

scene from hostel in the Hangover 2Those not in the trailer obviously. We already know that Stu gets the Tyson tattoo and the tattoo artist failed to block the movie in court. They filmed most of the movie in Thailand, arguably the sex-tourism capital of the world. Who knows how many of these will happen — it’s fun to speculate.

  1. This one is an absolute lock: someone (the smart money’s on Alab) will get with a ladyboy (kathoey) prostitute. Thailand is well known for hookers who have undergone sex changes or are partly through the procedure. I won’t elaborate further, but here’s a SFW link in case you’re curious.
  2. Something will go wrong with drugs. Thailand has pills with meth in them, so presumably taking a few of these things can lead you to stay up for a few days, which can only lead to more debauchery and poor decisions. (more…)