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Happy Birthday – The Efficient Drinker Turns 1!

Friday, April 1st, 2011

After a significant amount of time dumped into development, the site more or less went live one year ago. It’s certainly been an interesting path. I was beyond naive with regard to how search engines worked and more importantly how people work. I thought that simply aggregating information with a unique spin would vault the site to the top of search results.

The top sites for search terms like “beer calories” and “wine calories” just aren’t very useful. They are old, ugly interfaces and many of the other top sites are the so-called content farms, like Livestrong and In fact, Yahoo Answers represents the worst of all worlds, because there’s basically no quality control. Hint: Quora is Yahoo Answers for smart people. In any case, rising to the top of search engine rankings is a process that doesn’t happen overnight. In fact, Bing uses domain age for a large part of its algorithm, so it’s obviously much tougher for new sites to rank highly. (more…)