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Who Are the Three Philosophers?

Wednesday, February 9th, 2011

the three philosophers drinking three philosophersMaybe you’ve had Ommegang’s Three Philosophers, a Belgian-style Ale, produced in Cooperstown, NY. Maybe you’ve just heard of it. Regardless, if you’ve heard of the beer, you had to have wondered who the philosophers were. When I first had it at Brewco, a California chain of brewpubs, someone asked if I knew who they were. I had no  idea — I guessed Plato, Socrates and some other Greek. That was shot down and my drinking partner said he thought it was a reference to Belgian philosophers, though he didn’t know who. We Googled and got nowhere, testing out many theories along the way.

Realistically, the only solution was to find out from the brewery itself. Luckily they were helpful. The answer: It’s a reference to a William Blake’s An Island in the Moon, a satire written in 1784 and published posthumously. In the novel, there are three main characters: (more…)