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How and What Americans Drank During Prohibition

Sunday, October 17th, 2010
Appalachian Moonshiners

A rural moonshining outpost

In keeping with the Boardwalk Empire theme, it was time to figure out how people drank during Prohibition, because it’s clear that the flow of alcohol was dampened rather than cut off. Prohibition Agents ranged from inept to corrupt, as agents often used their training to flip to the dark side (much like ex-military working for Mexican drug gangs). Onto the sources of booze during the “Dry Age,” circa 1920-1933. Circa because certain states took longer than others to adopt the amendment as state law. In order from largest sources to the smallest:

  1. Imported Liquor – Canadian Club whiskey was initially manufactured in the United States and called “Club Whiskey.” At some point its founder moved factories across the Detroit River to Windsor, Ontario. Eventually the name changed as well. During United States prohibition, Canadian Club massively ramped up production and with Detroit’s proximity to Chicago, it was Capone’s main business. Why buy whiskey in Atlantic City if it was being made less than 300 miles away? The other main import was rum from the Caribbean. So-called rum runners would bring the stuff over on boats small enough to escape detection by the Coast Guard. (more…)

Why Coors Light is Featured on It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia

Monday, October 4th, 2010

I’ll preface by saying that Always Sunny is one of the best shows on TV right now and the recent “The Gang Buys a Boat” episode is among my favorites. However, this season’s Coors Light product placement is driving me nuts! Glenn Howerton, aka. Dennis, explains it like this:

explanation of Coors Light in It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia

I’m not sure I understand why this is an “OR” statement. Would the show cease to exist without Coors? But I get his point. The main actors, who also created the show, probably didn’t make a whole lot for the first few years and they have a right to monetize.  That being said, I have 2 issues. (more…)